We Sort of Just Bought a House…WHAT?!

Most people plan their lives and goals and dreams. Most people plan to buy a home, have a baby, buy a new car, change jobs, go on vacation, etc. Most people are not me and Tim. Let’s recap to give you some idea of where we’re coming from: Our first house we decided to buy […]

A Bit of Randomness

I know I have not been around much. And luckily, during my hiatus with Edward, not much has been going on anyway. But just so you have it, here is the uninteresting scoop: ~ Finished Twilight Series and restarted them. I now have about 9 or 10 people that I have gotten to read these […]

The Beauty Behind The Berm

I have lived in my house for 3 years. Behind my house there is a berm. Until last month, I had never been over that berm to see what was there. My husband always takes the dog back there to run around and explore but I had always assumed it was just a bunch of […]

The Sign

An opportunity arose last week that would be a potentially great move for us. See, there is this certain home we like. A certain home that Tim and I have talked about for the past 3 years. How we would love to live there. To have the yard, the storage space, the privacy, the location. […]

Destructive Couple

Well folks, it appears that Tim and I are now tied 1 to 1 in our quest to see who is the most destructive in our household… As promised, this is a picture of the damage I did Friday when I ran my car into my house. I love the contrast of the white on […]

Wordless Wednesday – Christmas!

Yes, I actually made all the stockings by hand! The Santa is a cookie jar and then the last picture is of the Christmas Village on my bar. I didn’t go all out this year like I usually do because it was a little more involved decorating with a little one. But next year it […]

Makeover: Before & After

We had the 3 rooms in our house painted this Saturday and we are so pleased with the outcome! I was so glad to have this done in time for the holidays and our out-of-town guests! The guy did such an amazing job that we already had a quote for him to paint the gameroom […]

Room Makeover

So lately I’ve been in a makeover mood as far as the house is concerned. We’ve spent so much time and money on the backyard (which is now lovely by the way) that we have neglected the inside for the past 2 1/2 years! We had a painter come give estimates this past weekend (cause […]