The Cheer Mom (aka THAT MOM)

If you are “that” cheer mom, you may not want to read any further….. Last chance, click away from this blog…. Okay, let’s get started. We’ve all read the stories over the years about the over zealous mother of a cheerleader and their competitions.  I can honestly say I wondered if these mothers really did […]

Designs By….Me!

Remember the sewing machine that I purchased a couple weeks ago? Well, my sister and I decided that this weekend was the weekend to learn how to sew. My mom came over and provided some much needed guidance and after working on it a bit Friday, Saturday and Sunday, here is my finished product! And […]


“Someday I’m going to be on that field dancing…”

My Heart…

This little girl is the reason for the permanent smile in my heart…

Profanity 101: Encore Love Style

For lack of something else to do this past weekend, my husband and I were watching Far & Away (yes, Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman circa 1992) on the Encore Love channel. We didn’t even notice the word. But apparently our child did. And so she just looked over at my husband in a very […]

When Babies Grow Up…

See this gorgeous bedroom furniture? This is the set I have had my eye on for Karys since last Fall. We decided to wait until after the first of the year to purchase it. The time had come. And Saturday was the day. So without further ado, I introduce you to Karys’ new furniture! She […]

New Orleans Trip

Our trip to New Orleans was wonderful! Karys did really great in the car (much to my pleasant surprise!) and we had a fabulous time with our family there. Poor Tim had to work the entire time so we didn’t get to see him much. But us girls spent the days hanging out, eating and […]

Following In Momma’s Footsteps

She may play video games with Daddy, but she has a shoe fetish and the start of a wonderful collection like her Momma!

My Sweet Gamers

Karys wants to do everything we do. Including playing XBOX360 with Daddy. So when Daddy plays, Karys plays. She even has her own little controller as well (sans batteries of course!). And check out those blonde curls on my child!

Miss Tinker Bell

Hope You All Had AHappy Halloween!