Future Power Couple?

My friend Danielle and I took off work this past Friday and enjoyed some lunch, shopping and a playdate with the kiddos. We have high hopes for these two – I’m not sure if there could be a cuter couple! Karys Making Eyes at Baby Tyler She’s just a little bigger than him right now […]

Rolling With Baby Jesus

Karys has always been obsessed with my mom’s nativity scene that she has in her foyer. The set is out year round on the bottom of her buffet table. Mostly, Karys is obsessed with Baby Jesus. She loves to go take him out of his crib. Wednesday night we were at my mom’s visiting and […]

The Pumpkin Patch

Up Close & Personal

Fairy In Training

A Bit of Randomness

I know I have not been around much. And luckily, during my hiatus with Edward, not much has been going on anyway. But just so you have it, here is the uninteresting scoop: ~ Finished Twilight Series and restarted them. I now have about 9 or 10 people that I have gotten to read these […]

Day #518

We went to check on Karys last night before we got in bed. This is what we found…

Voice Command

Ever since Karys was young she had a fascination with phones. In fact, the reason she began crawling was to try to get to the telephone. Now, she understands a bit better that people are on the other end of that line and can talk to you. And apparently, she prefers voice command.

Little Monkey

Moneky See, Monkey Do… Karys saw Tim doing push ups the other night and when he got up to take a break, she thought she would get in a little workout herself!

Mission Accomplished

My daughter is officially a “Girly Girl”. She loves to wear pearls & dresses. She loves to wear sparkly bracelets. Each day she checks to make sure I am wearing my earrings. She loves her doll and feeds her, kisses her and hugs her. She gets excited when she sees shoes. She knows the difference […]