Voluntary Pain?

Today my cousin, Valerie, and I are going to get our eyebrows threaded. While she has done this before, this is my first time. I must say, I’m a bit nervous about it after her telling me it’s painful. But I think I will do okay. I mean, I’ve gone through childbirth right? Surely something […]


Typically I’m not one to ever say much about gas prices. There are several very good reasons for this:– I don’t pay attention to what things cost– I can’t change the prices and so why waste my time complaining about it– I “accidentally” always have my husband in the car when I realize I’m low […]

“That Girl”

Yes, I am that girl. That girl that runs her vehicle into her brick house. And majorly scratches up her pretty car. That. Girl. I have a detached garage and a long driveway. I park in the garage. Which means I have to pull into the garage to park in a certain way as to […]


So this morning I had my annual flu shot and my arm is really, really sore right now. I just thought I’d take a minute to whine and post about it. I was the last in the family to get one – seeing as how Karys and Tim are already protected. But seriously – Ouuuch!!