The Cheer Mom (aka THAT MOM)

If you are “that” cheer mom, you may not want to read any further….. Last chance, click away from this blog…. Okay, let’s get started. We’ve all read the stories over the years about the over zealous mother of a cheerleader and their competitions.  I can honestly say I wondered if these mothers really did […]

Profanity 101: Encore Love Style

For lack of something else to do this past weekend, my husband and I were watching Far & Away (yes, Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman circa 1992) on the Encore Love channel. We didn’t even notice the word. But apparently our child did. And so she just looked over at my husband in a very […]

Momma’s Baby

Next week is Mother’s Day and I have been thinking a lot about it since it is an important day to me. It’s really important for me to have my Mom know how much I love her and respect her. Because during the year, I’m afraid I don’t let her know as often as I […]


We all like to hope that we pass to our children those qualities that we consider our finest. And we hope to weed out the ones that we do not like so much about ourselves. Sort of making them a slightly improved version of ourselves. This sometimes is just not the case. Not only did […]