Getting a Makeover

If you know me at all, you know I thrive on change.  Change is exciting and daring and I’m always changing something – my hair cut or color, new house projects, habits, meals, events, etc.  I like to think that’s what keeps my darling husband on his toes because he never quite knows what he […]

Domesticity 101

See this guy to my left? He was just adopted into our family and should arrive hopefully next week. See, I want this new comforter for Karys. Only it’s $200 and even I have my limits on some things. So I’m determined to learn to make it myself. My mom is going to give my […]

Flowers & Bows

This season I have been inspired to “make” more things. My mom and I saw a beautiful arrangement of flowers at Hobby Lobby the other weekend so we took it upon ourselves to make one (for a lot cheaper!). Here’s how it came out – I’m so happy with it and it looks really beautiful […]

Room Makeover

So lately I’ve been in a makeover mood as far as the house is concerned. We’ve spent so much time and money on the backyard (which is now lovely by the way) that we have neglected the inside for the past 2 1/2 years! We had a painter come give estimates this past weekend (cause […]