Q&A: Part 2

I finally finished them! Here are the answers to the remaining questions…. Tell us a funny “I got too drunk and…” story.I guess one of the most amusing would be when my sister and I went with our friend, Ashley to her parents house in the country a few years ago. We stayed in a […]

For Another Day

This has been one of the longest weeks in a long time. And I have so much to tell you, but I really don’t have the time or energy to go into much detail about all of it. I could tell you how The Sign is no longer in our yard. About how we decided […]

Q&A: Part 1

Wow! You guys gave me a lot more questions than I had anticipated. I’ve got answers for about half of them now. Some of the other ones require a bit more thought. I hadn’t quite expected such deep questions! You’re making me have to think here… And if you still have a question, I’ve got […]

Q&A: The New Black?

So it appears that Q&A Sessions are all the latest rage in the Blogger World. I must admit that it has always sounded fun. I really love getting to know other bloggers and asking them questions when they post a Q&A Session. However, I also must admit that I never did it because I was […]

In The Market…

So I’m in the market for a new camera. A new Digital SLR to be exact. I owned a nice Sony one years ago and got rid of it because I didn’t understand all the features and didn’t realize what all I could do with it. I’ve asked a few friends and looked around on […]

Portraits, Please!

**UPDATE**I have called and spoken directly with the District Manager, who I basically let have it (in the nicest way possible of course) about how unprofessional his studio was. He seemed genuinely concerned and apologized and asked lots of questions and took down all sorts of information. Basically they offered to redo the session: free […]

New Ventures??

So I’ve lately been looking for a venture into which I can put forth my efforts in order to make some extra cash. I’ve racked my brain, researched the web, thought of a few ideas, consulted a few friends and then thought – why not take it to my blogger friends? I know there are […]

What Happens When…

QUESTION:What happens when you’ve just fed & bathed the baby and it’s almost time for bedtime but she decides to crawl through water next to the bathtub (and it happens to be the last pair of clean pj’s)? ANSWER:You blow dry her. On the cool cycle of course. Yes, we really did this. Last night […]

You Really Read the Terms?!

So a little earlier I was helping my friend out on uploading a picture of some sort. I took her to Photobucket for the photo hosting site, as one was required. She didn’t want to check the box that said “I agree to the Terms Agreement” because she hadn’t read it. It took me a […]