Spring Fever

The weather is getting warmer. We’ve had a few blooms on our flowers. I can feel Spring in the air. It’s almost pedicure season. My toes are just itching to come out and play. I’m convinced I need these to celebrate the coming of the season. They are bright. They are fun. They are sexy. […]

Flurry Frenzy

There was much excitement yesterday. It snowed in Houston! Some parts of our city even got up to 4 1/2 inches. However, in my little Suburbia we only had some little flurries. Below are some pictures from my phone of all the excitement… Flurry #1 Flurry #2 Flurries #3 – #28 There were, of course, […]

The Pumpkin Patch

WW – Spring Is Here!

Sort of. The flowers are actually fake. But the weather is very Spring-like!

It’s Christmas Time!

Yay! It’s officially Christmas Season! I Love… brisk weatherchristmas songs!! winter coats sweater dresses karys in tights the nutcracker ballet christmas trees holidays christmas lights christmas shopping presents wrapping paper scents of baking and spices christmas eve at nana’s scarves christmas specials on tv boots! hot chocolate apple cider – mmmm! general hustle & bustle […]

It’s Contest Time!!

Shopping Through the Sickness

Last night was the annual Ladies Night at the Ace Hardware by my house. They do this every year before Christmas time and discount their holiday items 20% off. I originally wasn’t going to go because I am still not feeling well but who can pass up an evening of free wine, free food and […]

it’s fall!

yay! it’s fall! i love…football gamesdecorating for fallfall weatherfall colorspumpkin carving contestspumpkin seedsfall clotheswearing hoodiesfall scents/candles (pumpkin spice!)baking cookies on a chilly daywatching movies under a snuggly blanketlonger nightsgoing to the pumpkin patchannual “thanks-for-nothing” dinnersfalling leavesfall shoespumpkin spice latteshalloweenthanksgiving holidaysthat christmas is just around the cornerand so much more!