Time Consuming

Wondering what I’ve been doing the past few weeks? I must warn you, it’s not very exciting. And you will NOT be jealous. Here is what I have been doing the past 13 out of 14 nights….with virtually no end in sight! I’ve had a much harder time of it with Baby #2 than I […]

Sick Leave

I’m pretty sick and will be out of commission for a few days. But I promise to catch up on my reading as soon as I feel up to it. Went to the doctor yesterday – and walked away with 4 prescriptions! I didn’t know one could be that sick. I will be back soon. […]

The Past 48 Hours…

Have. Been. Hell. I have been nauseous, achy, cold, hot, weak, etc. All those lovely symptoms of being sick. Really sick. My temperature was staying steady in a range of 100-101, despite everything I did in an attempt to bring it down. I was so weak that my mom had to finally drive me to […]

Vomity Baby

Today was what one might call DISASTER! Karys and I were all set to go to my moms work, my work and Tim’s work. I had to pick up something at my office and my mom wanted us to stop by and see her at work and so did Tim. I had all of Karys’ […]


I’m having one of those “why me?!” weekends. I feel like this will maybe be a funny story to tell down the road but that it’s certainly not that way right now. Tim left yesterday morning around 9am for Orlando until Tuesday night for work. I had woken up with a somewhat sore throat but […]

I’m A Walking Germ

i hate being sick. now i realize that most people hate being sick but i think i’m a little more weird about it. i feel like a walking germ. no matter how much i scrub myself, i still feel like i can’t get all these germs off of me. especially yesterday when the doctor took […]