The Daugherty Elves

Okay, I know I posted this on my family blog too, but it’s just too funny and it has me cracking up nonstop! My friend, Danielle, sent me an elf of myself and after watching my little elf-self dance around, I created a family one. MERRY CHRISTMAS from you friendly Daugherty Elves! CLICK ON US […]

100 Things About Me

1. I am Italian (technically only half – mom’s side)2. My sisters and I have matching tattoos3. I love peanut butter4. I am the most impatient person you may ever meet5. My daughter is my whole world6. I still crush on my husband7. I am a huge football fan (NY Giants!)8. I am a Texas […]

Crazy Dreams…

About six weeks or so ago I found out one of my friend’s is pregnant. And I’m super excited for her!! But ever since I found out, I keep having pregnant dreams myself!! I scared myself so bad the other day I actually took a test (no I’m not pregnant in case you were wondering). […]

Thursday Thirteen

13 Silly Things That Scare Me 1. Bees!! 2. Needles (having blood taken or IV’s, etc) 3. Childbirth (yep, still scares me…) 4. Pain or knowing pain is coming 5. Getting lost when I’m by myself 6. Being chased (even by the hubby in broad daylight!!) 7. Scary Movies (won’t watch them) 8. Haunted Houses […]

What Happens When…

What happens when you try to get that *perfect* picture with your little one? My sister, Rachel, and I tried to get a “perfect” picture with Karys last night. Here’s a short story on how it’s almost impossible to do… Take One: Baby Makes Funny Face Take Two: Baby Drools on MommyTake Three: Laughter ensues […]