The Beauty Behind The Berm

I have lived in my house for 3 years. Behind my house there is a berm. Until last month, I had never been over that berm to see what was there. My husband always takes the dog back there to run around and explore but I had always assumed it was just a bunch of […]

Moyer Madness VII

It was time for another Moyer Madness!(the last one was 2 years ago in Folly Beach, SC) This is the amazing bar at one of the cousin’s house – yes, I know. WOW!Tom & Tim: Me Playing Bartender to Tom: The Two Stephanie Marie’s: The 3 of Us: Tim & I at the Rehearsal Dinner: […]

Memorial Day Madness

Madness. Yes, I said it. It was a weekend of utter madness. But a great weekend nonetheless. To sum things up in a nutshell *taking a deep breath*….Karys visiting got me dismissed early from work Friday (yay!), my husband chopped off all his gorgeous hair (still getting used to this), attended our friends 2 year […]

Momma’s Day Weekend

I love being a momma. I love my family. And when I get to spend the entire weekend doing things with them, I am one happy girl! I don’t think I could have had a more special weekend. We started off Saturday by driving up to Kemah in the afternoon to meet up with some […]

Thursday 13

13 Reasons I Can’t Wait for Summer 1. Sunshine!!2. BBQ’s3. Beach vacations4. Flip Flops 5. Lazy pool days6. Karys’ swim lessons7. Tank tops8. Our 4th wedding anniversary9. Less traffic!10. Friends moving back home11. Plants & Flowers in full bloom!12. Holiday Weekends13. Bit of remodeling on the house