Out Of Their Mouths

For those of you who aren’t aware, I collect quotes. Especially funny ones that my family and friends say. I always try to make sure to write them down. Since I have quite a few saved up, I figured this could be my Thursday Thirteen this week. Can’t you see why I just love my […]

My Confessions

Thursday 13:Why Becky Bloomwood Is My Alter Ego 1. I am addicted to shopping2. I can justify any purchase 3. I cannot pass up a good deal4. An ideal date includes a *tiny* shopping spree5. My purchases have gotten me in debt in the past6. I am convinced everything will work out perfectly in the […]

13 Crazy Things My Friends Have Said 1. She just needs to be locked away from society. 1-17-08 2. …that would be proving that I’m controlling. And I’m not. I just do everything better! Doesn’t everyone enjoy things done the right way? 11-15-07 3. It’s like you took all the genes with reason. 3-10-08 4. […]


13 Random Thoughts I Am Having Today 1. Am I getting another area at work?2. Possibly working with my sister again3. Idea of expanding our family4. Our neighbors putting their house up for sale5. Do we stay or do we go?6. I think my bladder is too small7. Happy I am not part of stupid […]


13 Things That Make Me Smile(besides stating the obvious – my family!) 1. Shopping2. Sales3. Holidays4. Babies & Pregnancies5. Girls Nights6. Brinks Jumping in the Pool7. Chocolate Chip Cookies8. Christmas Songs9. Secrets10. A Good Book11. Planning (trips, vacations, parties…)12. Bubble Baths with Wine13. Glitter & Sparkles


13 Things Happening in May/June 1. Family Outing in Kemah2. Mother’s Day 3. Last 2 Personal Trainer Sessions 4. Karys Swim Lessons Begin 5. Memorial Day Holiday! 6. Bridesmaid Dress Alterations 7. Braylen’s 2nd Birthday Party 8. Karys’ 15 Month Check-Up 9. Heath & Melissa’s Couple Shower 10. Astro’s Game 11. Father’s Day 12. Our […]


Thursday 13

13 Things I Need To Do Soon 1. Move the black couches upstairs2. Sell the treadmill3. Sell the end tables upstairs4. Sell the kitchen table5. Get a quote on walling in the downstairs room6. Fix the hole in the wall7. Fix the car8. Touch up the stairway walls9. Finally Meet Baby Tyler10. Order a Keepsake […]

Thursday 13

13 Reasons This Weekend Will Be Fabulous 1. We’re going to the beach house for a long weekend! 2. Karys finally gets to meet her Great Grandma 3. Today is a short day (dr appt) 4. Tomorrow we are on vacation 5. Shrimp Boil – mmmmm!! 6. Karys gets to play on the beach (last […]

Thursday 13

13 Reasons I Can’t Wait for Summer 1. Sunshine!!2. BBQ’s3. Beach vacations4. Flip Flops 5. Lazy pool days6. Karys’ swim lessons7. Tank tops8. Our 4th wedding anniversary9. Less traffic!10. Friends moving back home11. Plants & Flowers in full bloom!12. Holiday Weekends13. Bit of remodeling on the house

Thursday 13

13 Things We Learned on Our Trip to Chicago 1. Spring (in the North) involves snow 2. People all tend to drive the posted speed limit (a bit frustrating for us Houstonians) 3. Their downtown is FABULOUS! And ours sucks in comparison. 4. Staying on Michigan Ave is THE place to stay! 5. Flying with […]