Twist On The Meme

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really participate in the meme’s anymore. I feel like I’ve pretty much answered every question I can about myself in some way or another. However, Krystyn tagged me here last week in a little meme that had a spin on it. Her tag to me was actually […]

My Husband’s Future

…is a kitchen full of baked goods! See this beautiful guy? Oh how I wanted this little guy for Christmas. But at the lovely list price of $300, that was just not going to happen. Then, while walking through Bed, Bath & Beyond Saturday, Tim was grabbing a curtain rod for Karys’ new room when […]

Proceed With Caution

This is what happens when I am let loose for a little bit of holiday shopping…

My Sweet Gamers

Karys wants to do everything we do. Including playing XBOX360 with Daddy. So when Daddy plays, Karys plays. She even has her own little controller as well (sans batteries of course!). And check out those blonde curls on my child!

The Next Level

I think my husband and I may be taking our relationship to the next level. My husband has always been a video game fanatic. He cannot live without his XBox 360. When a new game comes out, I fully anticipate going to sleep by myself for about a week while he stays up and plays […]

WW – 10 Years

In honor of our 10 years together, I gathered up some old photos we’ve taken over the past decade…and yes, I went through some major hair color changes! Our Very First Photo(We were only 17 years old!)

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day To My Wonderful Husband!

My Uterus Is Scared

Here you have it, my 3rd and final post about what I learned during my crazy Memorial Day Madness…Topic:Having Your Husband Convinced You Need to Immediately Conceive Another Child Is Scary I just know how much you all love these stories, right? Saturday afternoon my husband and I attended our friends daughter’s 2nd birthday party […]

Memorial Day Madness

Madness. Yes, I said it. It was a weekend of utter madness. But a great weekend nonetheless. To sum things up in a nutshell *taking a deep breath*….Karys visiting got me dismissed early from work Friday (yay!), my husband chopped off all his gorgeous hair (still getting used to this), attended our friends 2 year […]

And The Winner Is…

I really appreciate all the helpful advice from everyone about which DSLR to purchase. I gave my final two options to my husband and we sat down and compared them to one another and looked at what we wanted and needed in a camera. I would never have known about either of these cameras (Canon […]