Technology: My Nemesis

In less than one week I have managed to crash virtually every program on my work computer, crash my work email (twice), talk to 5 different people in the IT department for help (some who finally had to give up), break the biggest printer in my department, spend 2 weeks trying to follow instructions to […]

Proceed With Caution

This is what happens when I am let loose for a little bit of holiday shopping…

Sick Leave

I’m pretty sick and will be out of commission for a few days. But I promise to catch up on my reading as soon as I feel up to it. Went to the doctor yesterday – and walked away with 4 prescriptions! I didn’t know one could be that sick. I will be back soon. […]

Rolling With Baby Jesus

Karys has always been obsessed with my mom’s nativity scene that she has in her foyer. The set is out year round on the bottom of her buffet table. Mostly, Karys is obsessed with Baby Jesus. She loves to go take him out of his crib. Wednesday night we were at my mom’s visiting and […]

Vacation & A Hiatus

Wow – I went on short vacation for a long weekend and came back to over 160 items in my reader! Obviously, I cannot possibly read through them all, seeing how I am so far behind. And I have no lovely beach pictures to share with you guys because, well, my dumb*** left the memory […]

Destructive Couple

Well folks, it appears that Tim and I are now tied 1 to 1 in our quest to see who is the most destructive in our household… As promised, this is a picture of the damage I did Friday when I ran my car into my house. I love the contrast of the white on […]

“That Girl”

Yes, I am that girl. That girl that runs her vehicle into her brick house. And majorly scratches up her pretty car. That. Girl. I have a detached garage and a long driveway. I park in the garage. Which means I have to pull into the garage to park in a certain way as to […]


We all like to hope that we pass to our children those qualities that we consider our finest. And we hope to weed out the ones that we do not like so much about ourselves. Sort of making them a slightly improved version of ourselves. This sometimes is just not the case. Not only did […]