“Someday I’m going to be on that field dancing…”

Up Close & Personal

Fairy In Training

WW – 10 Years

In honor of our 10 years together, I gathered up some old photos we’ve taken over the past decade…and yes, I went through some major hair color changes! Our Very First Photo(We were only 17 years old!)

Check out that TAN!Thank goodness she inherited her Momma’s Italian skin!

WW – Books!

Lately, when Karys disappears, I have found her on her Daddy’s side of the bed, looking deep in thought over one of his books. No worries that the book is actually upside down!

WW – Shadow Fun!

WW – Best Buds

WW – Spring Is Here!

Sort of. The flowers are actually fake. But the weather is very Spring-like!

WW – Easter Preview

**And yes, of course there will be accessories!**