Technology: My Nemesis

In less than one week I have managed to crash virtually every program on my work computer, crash my work email (twice), talk to 5 different people in the IT department for help (some who finally had to give up), break the biggest printer in my department, spend 2 weeks trying to follow instructions to […]

Blogger Revoked

It’s finally happened. My company has done the unthinkable and blocked all access to the blogs from work. Unfortunately I rarely get online at home, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update here anymore and it’s making me quite sad. Krystyn has given me a link/way to possibly get my comments […]

Taking It In Stride

The worst part about my job? Working with women. And by women, I mean certain types of women who make working become tiresome and petty. Women who, for reasons unknown, like to cause trouble or add turmoil to situations. I’ve had enough of trying to be nice. I’ve had enough of going out of my […]

Reason #2,135 – Revisited

Do you remember back in May when this happened with “Brenda” at work? If not, it’s really worth clicking here and reading the recap – it’s short. Done? Okay. Well friends, it gets worse. Yes, worse. Fast forward 3 months to just this morning. Same office. Same woman. Scene: In the office kitchen getting water. […]

Rainy Days & Naptime

A perk of living in Houston? Hurricane Season. More specifically that perk would be Tropical Storm Edouard. My work? Cancelled. Hubby’s work? Cancelled. It was just the three of us: Daddy, Momma and Baby. And it was quite the perfect romantic, lazy, rainy day. And I can’t complain about naptime either 😉

For Another Day

This has been one of the longest weeks in a long time. And I have so much to tell you, but I really don’t have the time or energy to go into much detail about all of it. I could tell you how The Sign is no longer in our yard. About how we decided […]

Reason #2,135

Why Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Speak Scene: At the office. Passing by a co-worker’s office, whom I will refer to as “Brenda”. ************************************************B: “Stephanie, would you mind coming in here?”Me: “Sure, what’s up?” (friendly person that I am and all)B: “Can I ask you a really personal question without you getting mad?”Me: […]