Day 23

Day 23: 15 Facts About You 1. I am impulsive. With everything. 2. I am the most impatient person I know. 3. I am relentless when I want something. And I usually get it. 4. I never return phone calls – sorry, bad habit! 5. I’d pick the ocean over mountains any day. 6. I […]

Day 22

Day 22: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently. Dear Self, Who are you and what are you thinking lately?? Get your act together and stop doing dumb stuff. And while you’re at it, find your brain since you seem to have misplaced it this year. Love, Me Coming Up on Day 23: […]

Day 21

Day 21: A photo of something that makes you happy. After almost 2 weeks, I finally had this little guy waiting for me on my doorstep last night when I got home. And I played with him all night long – just ask my sister or husband. I’m in love. My best friend and I […]

Day 20

Day 20: The meaning behind your blog name. I originally created a family blog but quickly realized I had more to say and therefore decided I needed my own little outlet. I wanted something that fit my personality and my wit (enter modesty here). I decided it’d be a little sweet and a little spicey […]

Day 19

Day 19: Another picture of yourself. Sisters: Me, Ashley & Rachel Coming Up on Day 20: The meaning behind your blog name.

Day 18

Day 18: Something you crave a lot. For months now I have been craving strawberries. They remind me of warm weather and of summer months, of which I am also craving! I usually have a bag of them to munch on all day at my desk at work. Yum! Day 19: Another picture of yourself.

Day 16

Day 16: Your celebrity crush. Hands down….Rob Lowe. I am utterly in love with this man and if he is onscreen, I am most likely drooling. He’s basically the reason I started watching Brothers & Sisters and I cried like a baby when he left the show. No doubt I will begin watching Parks & […]

Day 15

Day 15: Something you don’t leave the house without. If you know me, you know I have many little addictions. But the 2 biggest are probably my iPhone and my lipgloss. At work and even while at happy hour, they are both sitting in front of me. I cannot live without either of them. And […]

Day 14

Day 14: A TV show you’re currently addicted to. I don’t know how I’ve been so out of the loop for so many years on the brilliance of The Office. We just began watching it a few months ago and are currently on Season 5. I literally am in tears because I am laughing at […]

Day 13

Day 13: Your favorite musician and why? While I have several staples and some people will wonder why I did not choose Steven Tyler here, I have to go with Katy Perry at the moment. Probably because I am loving every single one of her songs on each CD of hers. She’s fun, she’s spunky, […]